martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

porta velas

Recycling plastic: make candle holder

Recycling plastic bottles

And here the tutorial:
- Cut the strips to the bottle neck leaving sharp corners.
- Pushing hard to open and shape.
- To attach the ends to the mouth of the bottle I applied heat. You can do well with a small flame, by immersing the tip in boiling water.Should not it be too hot to handle with fingers.
- The circle back is cut from a carton. The purpose is to seal the holders if the wax was poured.
Keep in mind that this candle holder, not surprisingly, is not approved.
Try to sail wide to be consumed inside (not spill wax) or the typical “warmers.”
If spilled wax quickly, the heat could warp the plastic and drop the sail.
Never neglect a candle without control.
Source: decorareciclaimagina.blogspot.com

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